Block chain insurance fund IBI


Release date:17-04-2018

In preliminary examination


Block chain financial derivatives.In the long term, the currency will be protected against daily fluctuations in the value of the currency. Prudent fund style, long-term pension investment. We should balance the risks of cryptocurrency investment.

Each contract is invested in 1 ETH each month for 20 years (240 natural months). After the payment terms of the contract are satisfied, 1 ETH will be returned every month for 20 years (240 natural months). After the return period is satisfied, the original investment principal of 240 ETH will be returned. Savings type pension security, rational planning of financial ratio, according to the capacity of the capacity to invest savings.

If the contract payment terms are satisfied, the income will be withdrawn in a lump sum, and the amount of the total investment will be returned to the total amount of 140%. If the contract payment terms are satisfied, after the monthly withdrawal is started, you may terminate the contract at any time and withdraw 100% of the principal. The amount owed is more than 1 year,The fund will automatically stop the return of the contract and return all the principal, and charge 5 % late fee and 1 % contract fee.

Rational planning and prudent investment will lead to the peak of life. Block chain insurance funds allow you to enjoy your old age.


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