Game platform using digital money


Release date:27-03-2018

In preliminary examination


ETHGames game platform is a large game platform based on block chain technology. The game types include chess and card, real video, sports, lottery, video games and so on. The user uses the virtual money to carry on the recharge to carry on the money, can carry on the operation conveniently, realizes the transnational, the cross currency transaction, reduces the current popular country money transfer the trouble, and improves the speed of the transfer of funds. Because of using block chaining technology to play games, the fairness of games is also guaranteed fairly, so that we can be fair, just and open. Besides, due to the de centralization of block chain technology, the players' funds also get sufficient safety guarantee.

The ETHGames game platform is currently in the research and development stage, and the platform is expected to be launched in October. The platform includes the traditional PC web page, mobile WAP terminal and mobile APP terminal, and the channels include the major online game promotion platform, Android platform and IOS platform. Players can use personal computers and mobile devices to play online games without downloading.


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