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The operation principle of DigitalBusiness is to raise initial funds for promoting the development of start-ups in block chain entities. The operation concept is based on decentralization and the use of encrypted digital money technology to raise investment funds to promote block chain in the future.

Our target is put on the IT company of block chain and entity business application development, providing the angel's operation capital or financing needed.

Why do we locate in this category?

In simple terms, the Internet includes web pages, portals, app, platform, self media, online and offline interline, data processing, search engine, artificial intelligence, etc., but we aim at the o2o business platform. At present, the block chain is still a primary development form, and the use of the population is still relatively fixed, because it needs a certain knowledge theory and certain technology if it is to be used. Our ultimate goal is to make most people a user, and this process requires a lot of o2o and online commercial shopping platform sites to provide ports. So when the future direction is clear, we are still at the stage of the development of the block chain. There will be many potential companies in the embryonic stage. In view of this, we are confident that we can provide better support for the development of block chains.

Every supporter in the recruitment process must have a long-term investment vision and should be optimistic and prudent in investing. This process is not 100% for investment, and it is necessary for repayment. It is your affirmation of the block chain and investment assistance

Digital Business is located in potential start-ups, and it is relatively risky to comment on initial investment at a risk perspective, but it is necessary to recognize the business sector that our initial start-ups are linked to. On the one hand, which channels are the fastest way to promote block chain development? Aiming at this aspect, it is nothing but daily life related and attractive usage habits, and this aspect is bound to have food, clothing and shelter. In addition, the retail business payment can better change people's living habits and values, which also conforms to the concept and actual values of the block chain, for example, PayPal and Apple Pay. According to the usual situation, a lot of funds are needed to promote, and the development of the block chain is in conjunction with the development of APP, which greatly weaken the investment risk and the cost of funds.

Venture capital still has great room for development. It can be understood from three angles: finance, industry and Internet. Although the call of winter is continuous, in the long run, the prospect of venture capital industry is still broad. Capital cold winter is a rational return to the overheated investment in the early stage. Excessive capital pursuit of limited creativity will cause temporary bubbles and waste. In fact, this is also a realistic market. The rupture of bubbles makes the market achieve the optimal allocation of resources. But the rate of return on investment is very low. Once the competition is aggravated, the result can only be the fill of the value low-lying land, from the high return to the social average profit rate. Among them, the disappearance of Internet dividends, the exhaustion of business models, the pursuit of giants, and the rationality of capital make the cold start of business increasingly colder. From the perspective of block chain, it can make up for the lack of huge demand, and maximize the value of current intervention.

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15 august 2018

New brand of health care products

Health care products secured by encrypt money


Investment intention project release

  • 2018-03-27

The first investment intention project is published, an online game platform ETHGames, which is paid by block chain technology, is used to use virtual currency to facilitate the player to recharge the money.

Official website online

  • 2018-04-10

The official website of Digital Business has been formally launched. Investors can invest, buy back, vote investment projects, trading fund equity and other operations through the official website.

Investment intention project release

  • 2018-04-14

ADLine, a digital advertising marketing platform, focuses on providing accurate, customizable online marketing services for currencies ICO and DAPP.

Investment intention project release

  • 2018-04-17

Block chain insurance fund IBI, savings type pension security, rational planning of financial ratio, according to the capacity of the capacity to invest savings.

Fund subscription start

  • 2018-05-01

DigitalBusiness fund subscriptions begins. Join us soon. You can also be an angel investor!

Fund subscription end

  • 2018-07-01

At the end of the current fund subscription, investors should pay attention to our investor center in time and prepare to vote on the investment plan.

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